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Welcome To Geelong Standard Trailers


At Geelong Standard Trailers, We take pride in our work and our workforce committed to quality and value for money. Geelong Standard Trailers is Geelong based professional trailers manufacturer.

Our Services

We do repair and wholesale manufacturing and supply of wide range of trailers starting from single axle to double axle trailers and believe in delivering high quality valuable product.

Quality we deliver

Our manufacturing plant is located at St. North Shore, Victoria which is one of the beautiful destinations of Australia. We invite you to stop by and meet our friendly staff.

Our Manufacturing Plant is situated in Geelong, which is one of the beautiful destinations of Australia.

The Geelong metropolitan area is the second-most populated area in the Australian state of Victoria. Located 75 km south-west of the state capital, Melbourne, the port city is situated around Corio Bay and the Barwon River.