At Geelong Standard Trailers, We take pride in our work and our workforce committed to quality and value for money. When you look for Trailer manufacturers in Melbourne, Trailers in Melbourne, Trailer manufacturers in Adelaide or for Trailers in Bendigo, Trailers in Warnambool and Trailers in Ballarat; you will come across Geelong Standard Trailers, as the Best Trailer Manufacturers in Melbourne area. Geelong Standard Trailers is the Geelong based professional trailers manufacturer. At Geelong Standard trailers we repair and sell trailers of wide range from single axle trailers to tri-axle tandem trailers. We also deal in trailer parts and accessories at affordable price. Our team of welders has more than 8 years of work experience. We design and build custom trailers according to your specifications and requirements. We are regarded as Best Trailer Manufactures for Car trailers in Melbourne and Car carrier Trailers in Geelong. All Geelong trailers are strictly Australian Design Regulations (ADR) compliant, providing safety and peace of mind to our customers. We are renowned for our hands-on approach and exceptional customer service, whether you are buying a trailer. At Geelong Standard Trailers, we offer 12 months structural warranty on all of our trailers. So always feel confident while purchasing our products. Our Committed Staff at Geelong Standard Trailers are happy to assist with any enquiry. Browse through our Website & Catalogue to see all about Geelong Standard Trailer’s Products.